Children Weekly Daily 3 Day Min
1 $135.00 $27.00 $81.00
2 $250.00 $50.00 $150.00
3 $330.00 $66.00 $198.00

Three day minimum required even if your child does not attend during a week to maintain spot in the program.

* Half Days are considered 5 hours or less.

A down payment of the 1st week’s fees (June 8-12) are due along with a registration fee, if applicable, upon registering your child/ren for the summer program.

The above rates are all inclusive. No additional fees will be asked for swimming, field trips, Friday lunches etc.

Children must bring a lunch, except for Friday’s when we order out or when the children will make their own lunch.

Registration Fees

For families currently not enrolled in the Before and After School Program.

  • 1 Child – $25
  • 2 Children – $35
  • 3 Children – $45


First week’s tuition will be reimbursed if a family’s summer care needs have changed prior to May 22, 2020. Registration fees will NOT be reimbursed. If a family signs up as part time and the program can NOT meet the needs due to full time enrollments all payments will be reimbursed.

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