School Year Care

Denmark Before and After School Program is a program that offers children ages 4-13 a safe place after school where they will continue their day in an enriched and caring environment to carry out & fulfill homework assignments and enjoy age appropriate activities to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Children will have an opportunity to do their homework and socialize with other children they may not have otherwise had a chance to. There will be a lesson plan that is based on the kid’s thoughts and opinions. Each child, depending on age, will have the opportunity to either work with an older student in the program or with a middle or high school student that will volunteer to help tutor or just to work with individual children or groups.

Along with incorporating volunteer students to give more one on one time, Spanish will be incorporated into talking time and when games are played.  This gives a brief introduction to the language for the children.  If you would prefer your child didn’t take part please contact Shawn Short at any time.

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