4K Program

School Year

Location: Lower Level

Curriculum: Preschool “Open Schedule” curriculum centers that include calendar, science, art, reading, math, small motor, large motor and writing daily.

Lunch: You can pack a cold lunch or eat hot lunch through the district food account.


Before School Only 6:00-7:50 am                                               $9.00   per day

After School Only 3:00-6:00pm                                                   $12.00 per day

AM Wrap 7:50am-11:50pm                                                        $14.00 per day

PM Wrap 10:50am-3:00pm                                                        $14.00 per day

Before School and AM Wrap 6:00am-12:00 pm                   $15.00 per day

Before School and PM Wrap                                                           $15.00 per day

AM Wrap and After School                                                             $16.00 per day

PM Wrap and After School 11:00am-6:00 pm                               $16.00 per day

Late Start (PM Wrap attends AM)                                               $18.00 per day

Before and After Wrap 6:00am-6:00 pm                                        $20.00 per day

Full Day Care                                                                            $30.00 per day


Can my child/ren ride the bus to school if they attend the 4K Wrap Program?

Yes. Only on days your child/ren have school. If there is a late start and your child is in the AM 4K class that would be considered a no school day (like Fridays). Your child would have to be a drop off and pick up on those days. The program opens at 930 on late starts (when school starts for 10). For days when classes are released early due to inclement weather your child would be able to take the bus home early instead of 3pm.

If your child is enrolled in the 4K wrap he/she will not be assigned to a Kindergarten route (route between 11-12).  If you do not use the wrap program every day you will need to transport for the Kindergarten route.


1. Your child is enrolled in the AM 4K Class and attends the 4K Wrap Program in the PM. Your child would take the bus to school, go to his class and then to 4K Wrap after class is done and then would be able to take the bus home at 3.

2. Your child is enrolled in the PM 4K Class and attends the 4K Wrap Program in the AM. Your child would take the bus to school, go to the 4K Wrap Program and then go to school after lunch and then would be able to take the bus home at 3.

3. Your child attends either AM or PM class but you need care before schools starts OR after school ends. Your child could be dropped off at the BASP before school starts and take the bus home at 3. If you need your child to stay in care AFTER 3, your child could ride the bus in and the stay after 3 and be a pick up.

4. When signing up for bussing please state whether your child attends the 4K Wrap or the Before and After School Program.

To provide safe transportation for your child it is the expectation of the school district that you will be consistent with your busing arrangements.  If you designate home at 3:00 it is our expectation that your child will go home at 3; if you designate the after school care at the end of the day it is our expectation that your child will go to the after school program or you will transport.  We need to stay away from parents calling to change the busing arrangements for anything other than an emergency.


Inclement Weather:

Does the program still run when there is a late start?

Yes, the program would start 30 minutes before class starts; 9:30 when there is a 2 hour delay.

What happens when there is an early release (emergency dismissal)?

The program will close when the school closes. If a child is scheduled to take the bus home at 3, they would take the bus home at the early dismissal time. If a child is scheduled to be a pick up they need to be picked up at the time of school closing. The program does NOT stay open longer then school hours for emergency dismissals.

Most emergency dismissals are due to inclement weather.

What happens when school is closed due to inclement weather?

The program will be closed and parents will not be charged for that day.


Tuition and Fees

Are there any discounts if I pay in advance?

Yes, if your child attends 3 or more days a week and you pay for a full month you get 5% off your monthly tuition.

What if I have a child that attends the 4K Wrap Program AND one that attends BASP, are there any discounts?

You would only get the 5% discount for paying a month in advance. The multiple child discounts only applies for more then one child attending BASP.

Do you except part time enrollments?

Yes, currently. This will change if the program meets capacity. Parents will be immediately notified if that happens.

Does my child have to attend a minimum requirement?

No, but you will be expected to pay for the day/s you register your child,  even if they don’t attend.